So I did the Hooded Man Ritual


Sep 5, 2016

So as instructed I burned the sage and spread salt in our apartment. I already had procured the rotary phone before hand from a pawn broker. Not difficult for me mind you because I am sales manager and I know a few local dealers in our area. And i called the numbers as instructed on the website. And did other instructions as perfectly as i could.

As soon as i burned the first cord, i felt weirdly disturbed. But i had had this feeling so many times performing other rituals. The thrill of it, the uncertainty of whether the ritual would even work or not. It was a thrill that i had know and craved for decades now. So i chalked up the weird feeling up to nothing.

I looked out the window and my forehead furrowed in confusion and slight panic. There was a black taxi outside; just across the street. I looked again just to make sure it wasn't just me imagining things. Sure enough there was a black cab but i couldn't make out if it was empty or not. The windows were up and with the small amount of lighting on the street it was extremely difficult to figure out anything else about the cab.

So i decided to investigate it. I walked down and stared at the cab for a minute; unsure of what to do. Entering someone car without permission could land me in the trouble and the last thing that i wanted was trouble with the police. But it wouldn't hurt to look would it I thought and opened the back seat to the taxi. The taxi was empty. So i decided what the heck. I climbed into the back seat of the taxi and made myself comfortable for a nap. It wasn't very difficult for me to sleep as I'm one of those people who can fall asleep almost anywhere. I've been known to fall asleep in chairs and one time even against a door. So i had no trouble going to sleep there.

I woke up with a start and realized i was still in the cab. I yawned. Another fake ritual story I thought and realized that i was supposed to check the time. I looked at my watch. It was a bit old, it was actually my mother's and i loved it. And sure enough the time was 3:30. I shrugged and went back to sleep thinking i would wake up after 5 minutes and walk back to my apartment.

Now here's where things get weird. I think i had a dream but everything felt so real. I say it was dream because everything was hazy and difficult to remember, just like a dream. It was like having a lucid dream. I've had a few of them before but none of them in this much detail and none of them lasted for this long. And this has to be the most weirdest lucid dream I've ever had. I bet'ya it might have to do something with the placebo effect of it. You know you believe something and you start to see it. That kinda bull and crap. So the dream i had is as follows:

I woke up; I don't know how long i had been asleep. I woke up to the sound the car moving and i started freaking out. I sat up and was about to ask the driver to stop but when i looked at him...He was wearing a hood. A grey and black one; the type you would see street urchins who post graffiti here in UK wear. I started to freak out to the point that I was legitimately crying but i tried to keep my sobs as plaintive and silent as possible. I hadn't thought that this ritual would work. None of them did. I must have ridden the cab for hours i think. I saw burnt out fields; husks of building. It was Apocalypse now outside. I saw no human figures though. Just the ho hum of the cab. My fear had lessened a bit. You can only be terrified to death for a few minutes. After a few get used to it i think. At least I did. Not saying that i wasn't scared but i wasn't crying anymore.

At some point we had risen up in the sky; Its difficult to explain exactly but i think the cab might have been flying at this point and the world had an aerial view to it; like looking down from an airplane with a fish lens view.

The hum of the cab just stopped suddenly as i heard the side door of the taxi open. I stiffened with fear. Someone, something entered the cab and sat down next to me. I was to freaked out to look at the new passenger and I had remembered that if you looked at the passenger that he would stab you. So i kept my gaze as fixed as possible thank you very much.

The passenger didn't say anything but he moved. I could see him fidgeting and i felt like he was looking at me. Staring like a wanker you know. It was just becoming too creepy and too disturbing to be under the constant gaze. So i told him to stop it but didn't look at him. That's actually what i said. I almost yelled the words i think. And then he touched my shoulder...its hard to describe how but I felt safe, comforted i was back home. I didn't feel threatened or terrified anymore. I just felt that i could trust him. It was like being high on angel dust or molly or blues. Everything was just so hazy and it's difficult to describe but it felt like i had know this person forever. A familiarity that was hard to describe.

And he looked like a god. No seriously, his eyes were the most indescribable color I've ever seen. They were blue but also so many different colors at different points. It didn't matter back then that his eyes were changing color. Weirder stuff has happened to me in a lucid dream than just a person changing their eye color. But his eyes were enthralling. Everything about him was...perfect. It was like a perfect sculpture coming to life. His brown hair tumbled down to the side in gorgeous curls. His skin was pale and shined with an odd yet beautiful glow. His smile, bared his perfect bleached teeth. His lips sleek and red. He was definitely very handsome. Top bloke.

And he wore a crown which fitted him perfectly even though in retrospect it's weird isn't it? I mean who goes around wearing crowns in this age. He also had a robe; not a morning robe but a proper dress robe; like the royal family would wear. His nails were perfect, his hands were perfect. I had never seen anyone like him. But i didn't have any perverted thoughts about him...he was more like a friend, a mate that you hang out with you know.

He smiled, that's when i noticed his teeth btw. He spoke and his voice was just this rich baritone of smooth chocolate. It was just so alluring. He could be telling me to piss off and i would still listen to him. I've never heard a more deeper and richer voice before.

He greeted me politely with a simple hi. I nodded nervously realizing that i had been staring in a not so subtle way. heh

His smile was maddening and charming at the same time. It was his confidence. Like he knew something i didn't and smiled with that knowledge.

"Aren't you going to get off?" he asked. Again his voice was so enthralling that I don't think that i answered him. I must've just stared at him. I don't remember. It's a bit hazy, this dream.

"Why are you here Molly?" okay at that i recoiled a bit. He knew my name but it didn't matter. He was a friend or at least he seemed to be.

"I...I don't know" I stuttered like a twat

"Is it because..." and with that he began describing my problems. Our financial situation. My boyfriend and I have jobs and we make enough to pay rent and get along but with the rising rent prices and all the other things our financial situation was going a bit under. Also some other personal problems that i wouldn't care to mention here.

We talked for hours or even more. And we discussed a lot of things. Most of it was about me. I have a suspicion that every time i tried to talk about him he would bring the conversation around on me. So most of it was my problems and me but i did get to know him a bit.

He didn't tell me who he was or what he was. He simply told me that he was a helper. At that time i didn't ask i think. He didn't even give me a name and when i asked him what should i call him. He gave the weirdest answer.

He asked me to call him father. Not like daddy or something like in a bloody perverted way but actually father. I guess it's not as weird because he actually did feel like a friend and a father. At that point i didn't ask how he knew me or my problems. I guess it must have been my subconscious talking to me through my dream.

Many times through our conversation he offered solutions and even told me that he could help me personally if i wanted. I politely declined because...I don't know why. I just didn't want to be rude and you know, I didn't want to impose.

But after a few times of him saying that he could help me; i started thinking that he was a bit too eager to help you know.

I actually remember every word he said because his voice was bloody good. His exact words were : I can watch over you Molly.

And i agreed with him. Hey this was just a dream and i thought 'ehhh what the hell'. I just went with it.

We talked a bit more and then he asked me if I wanted to go home. Until he had mentioned home, I actually had completely forgotten about that. I nodded and i fell asleep in his lap. But i think i heard him speak to the taxi driver just as i was falling asleep. I was just too out of it to make out the words and they didn't seem like English anyways.

I woke up in my apartment. It was then that i realized that i had probably fallen asleep and dreamed about the whole thing. It was a bit funny but also a little bit creepy because tbh i never really remember any of my dreams...Not in this kind of detail anyways.

So i burned the second cord and did all the cleansing stuff that yer supposed to do. But i think that dream might have had an impact on me because i remember 'father' bloody damn well. I can picture him. Perfect and shining and everything. And sometimes it starts hurting my right ribs when i think about him or try to stop thinking about him i guess. Also I think i have become a bit more paranoid after this dream know sometimes you see dark things move in the corner of your eyes and then you turn to look and there's nothing there or it was just a lamp or some other twaddle. It's been happening way too much and everything about this just seems so weird. I already put salt in our house and i even went to the church. Everything seems to be fine except my ribs hurt sometimes and the odd paranoia thing. And my boyfriend came back yesterday and I told him about this and he said it was just a dream and my imagination. He did try to spook me but mostly he says it's nothing and i'm just being paranoid.

Has something like this happened to anyone? And should I go see a doctor about it or something?

Part 2: For everyone to know. I'm not dead. Taking a short break. Sorry for not replying earlier. Yes, father came to me. Yes, I asked him the questions. And I'm satisfied with the answers; for what he told me is the truth and i've accepted him into my life as my god and saviour. That will be all. Thanks to everyone who tried to help.
God Bless You All.