I talked to the Passenger that the Hooded Man Picked up Part One

Jan 8, 2016


Part Two

Part Three

Well, for awhile I've been searching for ways to leave this earth. I didn't want to necessarily kill myself. I just wanted to leave... lurking on reddit I came across the story, and read several experiences. I kept reminding myself that they're just stories written by people to entertain redditors. But so many of them seemed so... real.

And I thought, this is my ticket. This is my ticket out of here. All I have to do is call the cab, get in, and never get out. I bring my laptop out in the living room with me with the site that instructs me how to do it. I did the cleansing ritual and burnt a sage smudge stick. I spread salt before the front door. I shut all of my doors, windows, closed the blinds the best I could because I don't have curtains on all my windows. I turned off all the lights and electronics, besides my laptop which I needed to read these instructions. I even wrote a will, since I don't plan on coming back (Which since you're reading this it obviously means I returned).

Step four, take off all but protection charms. I laughed at this. I don't want to protect myself. I hate myself, so why would I do anything to protect myself?

I read over everything over and over again before finally shutting off my laptop. I thought about selling the thing I worked so hard to get since I'm about to lose my house in thirty days. But what's the point? I'm leaving.

I sat down with my telephone. I counted to thirteen, and dialed the number. I tied the cord securely to the handset, and lifted it to dial the next number. Counting to thirteen, I set it down, but not hanging up. "Hello? I need a cab." Then I untied the cord and took it off, setting it aside. I don't need to burn it, I thought. I tied the new one on and got up to leave.

Looking outside, I saw nothing. A huge shame, I really wanted to leave but at the same time, I was a skeptic. That or... I needed to look harder. Because across the street parked on the side was a black cab. I blinked two or three times, before cautiously stepping out towards it. I couldn't believe it was.. parked right there. I walked around it four times before looking into it, then checking to see if there were keys in the ignition. I didn't go inside the cab for awhile, but finally I tried the back door. And it opened. It was a black cab, parked conveniently right there.

And I began to cry. Finally, I can rid myself of this world. Going inside I laid down, but I was too excited to go to sleep. So I lied down for as long as I can, occasionally sitting up and looking around. I even felt the seat, which wasn't leather like the other stories said. It was this other material, it was soft but not too soft. Cold, if anything.

I couldn't believe I was here. There was cup holders that were slightly sticky from spills, there was dirt on the floor of the car, slight scratches on the inside of the door. It was hard to sleep, though, because of the lump in the third seat and the seat belt buckle poking and prodding my side. I tried shoving them as far as I can, closing my eyes and resting my head on my arms.

Finally, sleep took me.

I did wake up. By knees hurt from being cramped, I got up and looked around, remembering the ritual I did I quickly looked at my watch. It was too dark so I pressed a button that made it light up. 3:31 AM. Couldn't be that bad, right? Remembering what to do I nodded to myself and laid back down. Having slept once already made it easier to fall asleep again.

And the story is true. I woke up, to the sounds of the highway. It brought back memories of what it was like when I was a teen with my family, when we went on road trips across the country. It hurt to think about, I missed those days. Although the outside didn't look like what I was used to, maybe different more strange colors. I inspected the hooded man driving the car. The hands weren't skeletal like I imagined, in fact they were fairly tanned. Just like another story I read. I made myself comfortable in the seat behind him, if anyone got in this car I would like to be able to go... wait, why am I thinking this? I don't ever want to go back. So I changed my spot to the other side of the car. No buckling myself in. I'm leaving for good.

I rest my head on the window, staring on the outside. I wanted to know what I'd see. I wondered if I was seeing the same things the others wrote because this is all a dream made up from my imagination. But... it didn't look like a sea of torture they described. If anything, it looked more alien. It didn't look like anything of earth. I looked back at the hooded man once in awhile, and ahead. Other cars took the highway. And I directed my attention outside once more. It was pretty interesting to see how the scenery changed, maybe if I could afford artistic equipment at the moment, I would illustrate it.

Maybe two hours into the ride, the car stops. My first thought was, 'Good! I can stretch my legs!' But my brain reminded me of why I'm here and how this cab driver may not be like I expected. Then I remembered other warnings, about not talking to any passengers it may pick up.

Someone got in, someone so tall. I'm 6'5". And this guy was so tall. I tried not to look at him. Or at least, I think it's a him. Maybe they don't have concepts of gender but man, it was more masculine then feminine. His clothes were outlandish, too. But I kept staring out the window. I'll admit, I was feeling really fucking nervous. I'm somewhere else, I'm in a cab riding to who knows where, and I don't know what will happen to me. But then, I thought, why am I avoiding this stranger? I'm letting this thing take me as far as it'll go because I don't want to go back, and if what they say is true, if it will kill me, so be it. So I talked.

"Hey," I said nervously, glancing over. I looked at him. He was tall, and his complexion was fair. He had a pretty good face, he almost looked like a prince. I... can't even begin to describe his eyes, but they were entrancing and unlike anything I've ever seen. They constantly changed color. Again, his face was so perfect, I couldn't stop looking once I have. His hair just about came down to his eyebrows, at the back it wasn't cut any shorter. He couldn't have been human but, why would he have human features? Human styled hair? I wanted to ask but at the time, I couldn't. I was entranced.

"Hello." The thing spoke back to me so calmly. So calmly, so... soothingly. He was so relaxed, and when he looked at me, I... couldn't look away. I was mesmerized.

I didn't know how to reply. But it gave me a smile, and I could feel myself melt... not literally, mind you. I didn't want to leave the cab, I didn't want to return to earth, and I didn't want to die. I must have felt like a fool, looking at this creature with such awe.

The eyes, the eyes, again, was unlike anything I've ever seen. They shifted colors, but, in a way it was so beautiful I felt like I was looking at the universe, but also, at him.

At the same time, though, there was another thing about him that didn't quite necessarily reek of dread or evil but it was just dark. He had a dark aura about, like... you know how in the movie Hercules the gods in the movie were glowing? He was too, but with this darkness instead of this light. He wasn't any being of light. But man, his eyes, I can't draw it. I can only imagine it. He had a crown on his head too, just a small thin black crown. He wore a long coat, not like a trench coat because the design wasn't like anything I've seen in stores. His clothing wasn't like the male British royal clothing but it was pretty close. It's the closest thing I can think of, anything.

So, I'm pretty confused as well. He was beautiful, entrancing, calm, serene, but so, so dark. And the smell wasn't bad, if anything, I shit you not, smelled pretty close to maple syrup. Now I was probably expecting him to kill me like what the instructions says. But he didn't. We didn't talk much more. I actually looked away, back out the window. It seemed like there wasn't any land anymore... and it began to look more like the far outskirts of space. I sat in this cab with this thing in silence, but it's like the darkness radiating off of this being seemed to calm me in such a strange, odd way. But now thinking back on it, he was reeking with a sinister aura. I didn't sense it then, because it was like my senses were so numbed down like that one Greek story I once read about.

At the time, I didn't want to go home. I decided, I want to go where this thing was going. I did want to follow it, but that's when it said something that surprised the shit outta me.

"Why do you not return?"

I fidgeted in my seat, gulping and glancing at the hooded man, even though it wasn't him who spoke. "I don't want to."

"Why is that?" The being beside me inquired. I tried not to look at it again, but I didn't know why I was resisting so much. It's not like it killed me so far, or caused me any pain, but it simply sat next to me and just... talked.

"I don't like the way my life has been going." I said honestly. "And I decided to leave."

"Why?" It asked. I wish I could have him talk forever, just to listen to his voice, but I couldn't. I felt like it even knew how much I was stressing over this. I know the feeling of falling in love, I had a girlfriend who I was about to propose to before she died. I felt like I fell in love again, but not in a romantic way. I guess it was pretty similar to how my parents described them falling in love with their christian god.

So I told him my problems, which I won't describe here for personal reasons. And he listened intently. Which writing this now, I find it kind of dumb. I go on this paranormal journey, I disobey the rules and talk to this being that could kill me, and they're talking to me like a therapist. Pretty stupid, right? At the time, I didn't think so.

He nodded thoughtfully, before looking onward. I sunk back in my seat, feeling incredibly dumb sharing my feelings with someone who I barely knew, who wasn't even human. Who's probably royal due to his clothes and crown. He was silent for awhile, before gently telling me a solution. "Have you ever tried..."

Yes, writing it now, it seems so stupid. I won't share what he said because it was so personal, but it really struck a chord in me. And... I felt like I could go back. I felt like I can make things right again. And most importantly, it gave me a reason to live. I had a feeling he sensed this, and he smiled at me.

Then we began talking more, about life and death. It didn't really matter to him much, he just seemed more interested in what I had to say about things. When I asked him about his thoughts, they seemed to scare me a little. He didn't like free will and thought to limit it. Now this struck me as the biggest odd, because I thought for sure if this was the devil, wasn't the devil pro free will? But still, the way he spoke, I found myself nodding in agreement. He made me feel like anything he said was right, and was the greatest truth. I guess a lot of these things rose so many red flags but, I couldn't stop listening. I guess I came to admire him so much it was nearly like worship, that in a strange way he seemed to feed off it. He seemed more powerful, anyway, but not by much. I felt like such a lost sheep.

Reaching the end of our conversation, he asked me, "Would you like to go home?"

I thought on this. I didn't want to but this entity just gave me a solution that inspired me to go back and keep living. I nodded. In which, he returned with a small smile on his lips. He told the hooded man something in some really freaking odd language I never heard of before. It sounded like...

Ei ol si - oi ad - cord-ziz - ol virg

Which, my memory may not always serve me right, but that's what it sounded like. I know I remember it more because I was always so intently listening to the sound of his voice. He turned to me again, the same gentle smile gracing his lips. "Will you let me watch over you?"

I didn't know what to say. If I had refused, he probably would have been angry. But the look on his face and the tone of his voice, the entirety of him himself was so entrancing, I couldn't say no. So I said yes. If I had said no, I could only assume he'd be pissed and curse me, kind of acting like those straight white boys texting harassing girls who say no when they don't want dick pics.

"Will you let me have my hand in control of your life?"

Red flags! Red flags, anyone? Plenty to go around. So many red flags. But did I see that as a red flag? No. What did I do? I said yes, breathlessly.

"Then you are mine. Sleep." He said the last word like a command, and before I knew it I felt like I was hit with a tranquilizer dart, because my vision began giving out and I couldn't even hold myself up for any longer. I was out. And I woke up. In my home. The next day, around noon.

And I shrugged it all off as a dream. I opened up my laptop and it greeted me with the page that I left it on previously. The steps on how to do this ritual. Which reminded me, I should thank the hooded man for the ride. As I was doing so, I remembered the entity I met. I felt anger rising in my chest, as I had not asked his name, what he is, or anything else that could have gotten me anywhere. I thanked the hooded man through the phone and burned the cords. I was thinking about all the things that happened, not from the beginning but from the end to the beginning. All the red flags, they began to worry me, but just as I was, my anger shot down instantly and I felt serene, again. I remembered his suggestions on how to improve my life.

And I followed them. And when I did, I thanked him, like a prayer. And in a way, I became mesmerized again. Like it's not me, but it is me. But.. I'm not in control anymore. Not that I'm really complaining, because I have a damn stable job with lots of money rolling in. I have a cute dog that I must live every day to feed, and so far, life is pretty good.. besides the fact I'm not even sure what I can do and can't do. I feel like I've been claimed.

I don't even know if this story is about the hooded man anymore, but every time I do something different, my right rib cage begins to hurt, so much that it brings me into submission. And I do whatever that doesn't get me hurt, really. In a way, I never feel alone. Even writing this story is making my rib cage hurt (only in some areas). I went to the doctors about it but they reported nothing. I paid for an x-ray, which I actually had money for, and nothing came up.

I don't really have control in what I do anymore but this experienced turned my life around for the better. I don't know what this means. I also noticed that shadows move on their own, all the time. A tall figure is always standing in a mirror, hidden. If you stare for too long it dissolves and you think it was just something your brain made up. No, this happens every single time I look in the mirror, it happens way too much for me to dismiss it. If anyone has any information about what the hell I met, PLEASE tell me. I'm afraid I'm going to suddenly delete this story against my will.

Is there any way to talk to him again? If so, maybe I can write down a series of questions (questions you guys may come up too) and record what I get. Including the questions, "What are you", "Who are you," and maybe, "What is going on with me".